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Dimitris Spiliotopoulos


Research Projects:

SUMAT (2011-2014) an Online Service for Subtitling by Machine Translation. EU Integrated Project, ICT - FP7, PSP-2009.6.1 - Open linguistic infrastructure.
ARCOMEM (2011-2013) Collect-All Archives to Community Memories – Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowds for Intelligent Preservation. EU Integrated Project, ICT - FP7, ICT-2009.4.1 Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation.
FASHION-ABLE (2011-2014) Development of new technologies for the flexible and eco-efficient production of customized healthy clothing, footwear and orthotics for consumers with highly individualised needs. EU, FP7.FoF.NMP.2011-4 Project 284 871.
CASAM (2008-2011) Computer-Aided Semantic Annotation of Multimedia. EU, ICT - FP7.
Rhetor (2006-2008) Voice dialogue interface using acoustic rendering of visual document meta-information for a design-for-all access to printed matter. National GSRT project.
M-PIRO (2000-2003) Multilingual generation of personalized exhibit descriptions in virtual museums. HLT/IST program.
Herakleitus (2002-2005) Synthetic speech improvement using high-level prosodic feature annotation. National EPEAEK project.
HygeioRobot (2000-2001) Navigation and control of a prototype mobile robot for hospital services, with spoken dialogue capabilities. National PENED project.
Schematopoiesis (1999-2001) Integrated environment for the development and exploitation of Greek controlled languages. National EPET project.